Saturday, May 24, 2008

Buy Non-GMO Snacks

Non-GMO foods are foods that were never genetically modified. These foods are normally all organic foods that were grown without pesticides and without chemically altered soil. Most of the larger food producers have moved their productions to chemically modified produce in order to save money. Buy non-GMO snacks by avoiding some of the name brands.
Shop online. There are many stores that are strictly vegan or vegetarian where you can buy non-GMO snacks. They are labeled properly, and most of the sites will give you information regarding their organic status.
Go to a farmer's market. Buy non-GMO fruits and veggies for snacks at a local farmer's market. These farmers bring their produce to these markets to sell, because they can't compete with the large farms which use mass production techniques.
Buy non-GMO snacks at grocery stores that carry organic produce and meats. These stores will carry many pre-packaged snacks that are made from organic ingredients that were not genetically modified.
Make healthy snacks at home. Buy and dry organic, non-GMO fruits and make trail mix at home with organic nuts. You can also make cookies and pastries at home with organic, raw sugars and natural sweeteners that were not genetically modified.
Read the labels at your local grocery store while shopping. Many of the health food producers will label their foods as being made from Non-GMO ingredients. These will help you buy non-GMO snacks when you can't make it to a health food store

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