Saturday, May 24, 2008

change you eating habits when trying to lose weight

How many times have you got on that treadmill for hours, or lifted weights until fatigue, just to step on the scale to see the same old number? If you're like me many times. Well I got news for you. I have learn by combining these things with eating the right foods , you will see results in no time.

Things You’ll Need:

  • positive attitude
  • determination
  • will power
Be realistic. It is more effective to use 80 percent constraint with your food plan 100 percent of the time than be perfect for only 20 percent.
Be aware of your high risk foods, and don't buy them
Make sure each meal including snacks contain protein. It stimulates the metabolism and makes you feel full
If you have a craving , only try to eat a teaspoon, your body doesn't need it to be a meal.
Drink plenty of water. It improves bio function and stave off hunger
Opt out for complex carbs over simple ones. Have whole grains cereals or breads. Pick brown rice or wild rice. Have a piece of fruit instead of juice. If you do have simple carbs eat them in moderation.
Make better bad choices, put together these changes create huge results over time

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