Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How to Learn More about Herbal Healing


Interest in herbs and herbal healing are at an all time high. While there are numerous books and magazines devoted to herbal health, most people turn to the Internet for the information they are looking for.

Unfortunately, the Internet has a lot of conflicting information and sometimes it is hard to discover which data is accurate. One rule of thumb is to look for three or more Internet sites that confirm the same information. Better yet, would be to combine Internet and published books for research.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You'll Need

  • One good herb book
  • One good herbal health book
  • Internet access



Step One

Purchase several good herbal books. Look for those that are written by a 'real' doctor.

Step Two

Type the name of the affliction, along with the word herbal into an Internet search engine.

Step Three

Read at least the top five response pages to your search.

Step Four

Consult the printed herbals for verification of the information you have found online.

Step Five

Do a search on the herbs the Internet sites and books have recommended. Look carefully at side effects and possible interactions with prescription or over the counter drugs.

Step Six

Take only the recommended amount of the herbal remedy if you choose to attempt herbal healing.

Step Seven

Allow time for the herbs to work. Unlike pharmaceuticals, herbal remedies take time to show results.

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